Music As Therapy – “Impossible Dream”

There is scientific evidence that music can help to ease the symptoms of depression – With this in mind, we invite you to take time out from your busy schedule, relax momentarily and listen to our “Inspiring Music Selection for Today”, personally selected for you by our President, Karl.

According to Karl: “Today’s selection is the rousing interpretation by Sir Peter O’Toole of the galvanizing song The Impossible Dream from Man of La Mancha. As Don Quixote awaits his trial before the Spanish Inquisition, Dulcinea (“the sweet sovereign of [my] captive heart”), asks him to explain what it means for him to follow his quest. The response is a stirring rendition of a song about the knight’s utter selflessness, his insane dedication to the welfare of others, and his vision of the world as it should be rather than what it is. The look on the face of Dulcinea (played by the legendary Sophia Loren) as the song ends is absolutely haunting. One may feel a lump in one’s throat in listening to this visceral tune about the essence of the human spirit.”

We invite you to listen to the song below: