Detox Center

Detoxify.  Stabilize.  Refer.

Cultural Competency

At Milwaukee Detox Center, we are committed to providing all services with sensitivity to the culture and values of the clients we service, and to offer, as appropriate, treatment for groups organized with special needs in mind (e.g., gender, sexual orientation, older adults, Spanish language, co-occurring disorders, and developmental disabilities). We guarantee equal access to treatment for all persons in need, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, disability, age (18 years or over), or sexual orientation.

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About Us

Milwaukee Detox Center is a provider of services for detoxification from alcohol, cocaine, heroin and other drugs.  Detoxification is the process through which a person who is physically dependent on alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription medications, or a combination of these drugs is withdrawn from the drug or drugs of dependence. Since most persons who have a substance use disorder (“SUD”) are addicted to a combination of alcohol and/or other drugs (polydrug abuse), detoxification often involves more than one substance.

The term “detoxification” implies a clearing of toxins.  The detox process removes drugs from the body.  Detox is not a treatment for drug-seeking behavior.  Rather it is a procedure for alleviating the short-term symptoms of withdrawal from drug dependence.

Milwaukee Detox Center is certified as a “medically monitored residential detoxification service” under DHS 75.07 and “residential intoxication monitoring service” under DHS 75.09.  Services that we provide include 24-hour nursing care under the supervision of a physician. We operate on a 24-hour per day basis in a residential setting.  We employ or contract with a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals that includes physicians, advanced practice nurse prescribers, and mental health and substance use SUD counselors.



The programs and services provided by our agency, as described herein, are subsidized by the Milwaukee Country Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). In addition to significant financial support, DHHS also provide our agency with advice and guidance pertaining to program development, quality assurance, compliance, and related matters.