At Milwaukee Detox Center, we take responsibility for our actions and their impact on the communities that we live in throughout Wisconsin. We strive to be involved in community activities that aim to solve social problems not only with respect to Detoxification, but also with respect to discrimination, poverty and other social ills. We seek to promote economic and social justice.  We provide financial and material support to community organizations whose values we share.  Examples of organizations, events and activities we participate in include:

On September 30th, 2023, our team and clients participated in the 15th Annual Walk for Recovery. We contributed to the walk by buying food tickets for about 30 clients. This support helped the Alano Club and the recovery community to continue to have meetings and future recovery events.

Additionally, Matt Talbot Recovery Service donated backpacks with hygiene and food items to clients who attended the walk and are currently in treatment. These items were meant to assist clients who may be going through a tough time during their recovery journey. We were pleased to provide books bags through our affiliate Matt Talbot Recovery Services, Inc. for the River Walk.

Join us on Friday, October 13th, 2023, as elected officials, community leaders and families gather to celebrate the 70th birthday of iconic community advocate, organizer, and non-profit leader Mr. James Nelson. Expect a night of delicious food, live entertainment, a dance contest, door prizes, and the company of wonderful guests.  We are pleased to pay for the food for this event.

The Back-to-School event organized by the Upper Room Bible Church took place on September 2nd, from 11 am to 4 pm at 2025 West Fond du Lac Avenue. This gathering featured dedicated volunteers, including barbers and nail technicians, who provided haircuts for boys and nail painting for girls. Additionally, those who attended were offered tasty meals, and backpacks loaded with school materials were given out. The children and their parents showed deep appreciation for our donation. To add to the fun, they had a bouncy house for the kids to enjoy while they waited for their turn with the barbers and technicians.


We are pleased to sponsor the food at the upcoming annual community celebration on October 13, 2023 in the heart of Milwaukee’s Central City at Garfield’s 502 – – a neighborhood bar featuring “live music, great food and amazing atmosphere”.  Garfield’s 502 is the premiere social gathering place for Milwaukee’s political and community leaders, elected officials, and families.  Our sponsorship is a testament to our commitment to the community and our love for our beautiful City of Milwaukee.

 The October 13 event is led and coordinated by the well-known community advocate Mr. James Nelson, formerly of Milwaukee’s iconic Career Youth Development and principal assistant to its founder Ms. Jeannetta Robinson.  Ms. Robinson , who passed away in 2008 and her mother, the late national civil rights leader Ms. Claretta Simpson (affectionately known as “Mother Freedom”), founded Career Youth Development (CYD) as the premier social services organization in Milwaukee that assisted thousands of children and indigent families escape the plagues of drugs, poverty, homelessness and mental illness for over forty years. Many of Milwaukee’s leaders in the public sector today received in their youth education, nurturing, inspiration and leadership training from Jeannetta. The motto of CYD was “love in action”.  (Note: Our own CEO – Karl – was CYD’s “Man of the Year” 2002.)

Sister Jeannetta Robinson –  fondly remembered with love and affection, greatly missed and forever in our hearts.

“Bishop Willie Brooks of the Upper Room Bible Church in Milwaukee has just published a very important book – “A Journey of Faith” available at Amazon –  The book is a philosophical reflection by the Bishop of what it means to be a servant leader.  At the same time, it is a practical guide on how to be a leader.   We purchased 300 copies of this book and distributed it within the community in order to get the Bishop’s message out about topics such as “humility”, “compassion”, ”empathy”, “listening”, “healing” and “stewardship”.  We have also made the book required reading for our Executive Team Members and key managers.






We are pleased to have recently contributed to the upcoming St. Francis Parish’s Golf Outing on September 20, 2023. Father Mike of St. Francis of Assisi Parish allocated $35,000 in scholarship funds from the previous year’s Outing to 9 young individuals who dedicated their time to community service. The combined efforts of our support and that of others significantly impact the lives of these young individuals. We are grateful for the opportunity to extend our help and make a meaningful contribution to this noble cause.

We are pleased to have recently provided our support to the Rock Da Block Concert and Book Bag Giveaway. This event is scheduled for Saturday, September 23rd, 2023, from 12 noon to 5 pm on 35th Center Street (the entire lot on the northwest corner). The music concert will be complemented by various organizations setting up information tables, offering children’s games, providing reading and coloring books, setting up bouncy houses, distributing book bags and school supplies, offering free food and refreshments, and of course, presenting a lively music concert.

As proud sponsors of this event, we are continuing our tradition of wholehearted support as we’ve done before. Our contribution will go towards providing school supplies that will be placed inside the book bags.

At Milwaukee Detox Center, we celebrate the rich diversity of America.  Freddie Smith, Member of our Executive Management Team, represented us and participated in the 2021 Juneteenth Day celebrations of Washington County.


At Milwaukee Detox Center, we believe that “We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt.



At Milwaukee Detox Center, we believe that youth and family are key to building strong communities.  We were proud to sponsor the “Agape Love Ministries Youth Outreach Event” on Saturday, July 10, 2021.

At Milwaukee Detox Center, we believe that families getting together to share food and have fun makes for strong, vibrant communities.  We were proud to provide financial support for “Hood Love Community Pop-Up Event”.


At Milwaukee Detox Center, in our programming we seek to educate men about the scourge of domestic abuse and empower women to free themselves from their abusers.  We are proud to support

At Milwaukee Detox Centerwe believe that children are our future.  We are proud to sponsor and participate in “Rock da Block Concert and Bookbag Giveaway.

For 21 consecutive years in a row, during the months of November and December we reached out to all the neighbors in our block and provided them with holiday gift cards for Thanksgiving and for Christmas.  At Milwaukee Detox Center, we believe in being good corporate citizens.


On July 16, 2022 we participated in and financially contributed to the “Youth Panel about Violence, Drugs and Mental Health”. 

Tag line:  “Kids are our future.  Let’s nurture them.  We are proud to be a supporter of ALL 4 KIDZ.


Proud supporter of “STOP THE VIOLENCE” party.


We are committed to working with our neighbors to keep our neighborhood litter-free, clean and beautiful.  Our employees participated in the Blitz the Block Clean Up on Friday, August 26, 2022.

Our Company is committed to being a good corporate citizen.  We distributed gift cards to all our immediate neighbors in order to allow them to buy turkeys and other items to celebrate Thanksgiving 2022.

Holiday Gift Card-Thanksgiving

Holiday Gift Card-Thanksgiving

Holiday Gift Card-Thanksgiving

Glad to support Running Rebels

At Milwaukee Detox Center Neighbors and neighborhoods help make communities and families strong.  We are a proud supporter of Neighborhood House.


Neighborhoods help

At Milwaukee Detox Center,  We believe that kidz are our future. Proud supporter of All 4 Kidz 2022.


Proud supporter of All 4 Kids